Learn Programming, Robotics OR Data Science in High School

  1. Are you considering a Tech career?

  2. Not sure which career will suit you best? 

  3. Do you think industry exposure would make it easier to decide?

  4. Want a head start to university?

  5. Or....are you just curious to know more about coding/robotics/big data?

If you answered YES to any of the questions, consider joining our school's programme.

Why learn with us?

Our lessons are delivered by young professionals in the tech industry. Our teaching style which is individual-focused will help you learn how to code in no time so that you can work on industry-based projects without a hustle.


Learning by yourself can be difficult. Our small groups give students the space to learn from from others and the tutors.

Online Support

We keep our lessons short so that you have enough time to practice. In doing so, you might encounter many challenges. Our tutors are available to support you online any time you need them.

Hands-on Approach

The conventional way of teaching makes it difficult to learn technical subjects. We user a hands-on/practical approach to teaching so that our students can learn fast.


School's Programme

Our programme will give you the skills, experience and support you desire.

Anyone in High School can APPLY!


MAR 2020 - DEC 2020,

2 hrs/week for 10 months.

You will learn how to code using Python.



MAR 2020 - DEC 2020,

2hrs/week for 10 months.

You will learn how to code in C/C++ and how to build your own robot.



MAR 2020 - DEC 2020,

2hrs/week for 10 months

You will learn the basics of data science and data visualization.



Be in Touch

Are you interested but still have some questions? We want to hear from you!

Call us on 063 0177 893 or drop us an email below.


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